This Is The Third Episode Of The Fourth Season And The 33rd Episode Altogether. In This Episode, Eric Interviews Howie Mandel And Malaysia Pargo

Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Runs Head First Into The Show's Logo
  • He Throws A Bass Drum And Then Tackles The Drummer
  • Next, Eric Dives Right Into His Desk Destroying It In The Process
  • He Crashes Through A Wooden Wall
  • Next, He Is Green Screened In And Flies Into The Violinist's Mouth
  • Eric Farts And Blows A Bunch Of Debris All Over The Place
  • Eric's Tie Gets Caught In A Shredder And Then A Ninja Cuts His Head Off
  • He Then Grabs A Robotic Leg And Smashes A Wooden Pole
  • Finally, He Sits Down In His Chair

Howie Mandel InterviewEdit

When Howie Mandel Walks Onto The Set He Makes A Remark About The Chair He Will Be Sitting In Which Offends Eric. Next, Eric Makes Jokes About Howie Mandels Name, Eric Then Uses His Cup As A Blender, Kraft Punk Arrives And Finally, Eric Pulls A Squid Out From Under The Ground/Floorboards.

Malaysia Pargo InterviewEdit

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Special Guest Edit

Flying Lotus Checks His E -Mails

  • Flying Lotus

Pranks/Skits For Episode Edit

  • Computer Robot
  • Kraft Dunk'd
  • Mike Penis
  • Protein Shake