This Is The Third Episode Of The Fourth Season And The 33rd Episode Altogether. In This Episode, Eric Interviews Howie Mandel And Malaysia Pargo. The Episode Aired On August 19th 2016.

Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Runs Head First Into The Show's Logo
  • He Throws A Bass Drum And Then Tackles The Drummer
  • Next, Eric Dives Right Into His Desk Destroying It In The Process
  • He Crashes Through A Wooden Wall
  • Next, He Is Green Screened In And Flies Into The Violinist's Mouth
  • Eric Farts And Blows A Bunch Of Debris All Over The Place
  • Eric's Tie Gets Caught In A Shredder And Then A Ninja Cuts His Head Off
  • He Then Grabs A Robotic Leg And Smashes A Wooden Pole
  • Finally, He Sits Down In His Chair

Howie Mandel InterviewEdit

When Howie Mandel Walks Onto The Set He Makes A Remark About The Chair He Will Be Sitting In Which Offends Eric. Next, Eric Makes Jokes About Howie Mandels Name, Eric Then Uses His Cup As A Blender, Kraft Punk Arrives And Finally, Eric Pulls A Squid Out From Under The Ground/Floorboards.

Malaysia Pargo InterviewEdit

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Special Guest Edit

Flying Lotus Checks His E -Mails

  • Flying Lotus

Pranks/Skits For Episode Edit

  • Computer Robot
  • Kraft Dunk'd
  • Mike Penis
  • Protein Shake