This Is The Fourth Episode Of The Second Season And The 14th Episode Altogether. In This Episode, Eric Interviews Jodie Sweetin And Vivica A. Fox.

Intro For Episode:

(The Band Is On A Break During The Intro And No Music Is Playing)

  • Eric Crashes Strait Through The Show's Logo
  • Then, He Knocks Over A Pillar
  • Eric Beats Another Pillar With A Baseball Bat
  • Since The Guitarist Is Sitting And Reading A Newspaper On The Stage, Eric Tackles Him Instead Of The Drummer
  • Eric Climbs On His Shelf And Falls Into His Desk
  • Next, Eric And An Eric Impersonator Kick A Destroyed Pillar
  • Eric Destroys A Piano With An Axe
  • Eric Throws A Drum Cymbal And Then Sits Down

George Clooney Interview

Eric Interviews A George Cloony Impersonator Again. During The Interview, George Cloony Tries The Wine Challenge, Dog The Bounty Hunter Comes Out And George Talks About Fondaling A Pot Bellied Pig.

Jodie Sweetin Interview

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Vivica A. Fox

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Special Guest

Pranks/Skits For Episodes

  • Ranch It Up
  • M&M's On The Subway
  • Lost Riot Cop