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Character Description

The Kung Fu Master Is, As His Name Suggests, Is A Kung Fu Master. He Wears Orange Clothes, A Black Belt And Grey Boots. His Hair Is White And He Puts It In A Bun. He Also Has Very Booshie Eyebrows And A Long Beard.


He Appears In The Intro Off The Ninth Episode Of The Fourth Season Titled Dennis Rodman; Haley Joel Osment. During The Intro, The Kung Fu Master Shows Up And Kicks Eric In The Face, Making Some Blood Drip Down His Nose. When The Camera, Pans To Eric, He Looks Pretty Pissed And Then Runs Toward The Kung Fu Master To Punch Him In The Face Only To Hit A Mirror With The Kung Fu Masters Reflection In It. Eric Is Then Freaked Out By This And Then The Master Begins To Laugh And Point His Finger Towards Him. The Kung Fu Master Has Not Shown Up In Any Other Episodes But Hopefully, He Will Return Eventually.