This Is The First Episode Of The Fourth Season And The 31st Episode Altogether. In This Episode, Eric Interviews TI And Abby Lee Miller. The Episode Aired On August 5th, 2016.

Intro For Episode:

  • (Eric Is Tied To A Rope And Is Being Controlled For The Whole Intro)
  • Eric Crashes Into The Show's Logo
  • He Knocks The Drummer Off The Platform
  • Eric Crashes Into His Shelf
  • He Then Breaks His Desk
  • He Starts To Tear The Curtain In The Background
  • Eric Then Screams "Why Are You Doing This?!"
  • He Crashes Into His Shelf Again And Gets Dragged Across The Floor
  • Eric Throws Some Boxes Around And Then Breaks The Band's Stage Area
  • Finally, He Has A Hard Time Sitting In His Chair

TI Interview Edit

Eric's First Interview For The Fourth Season Is With TI. Some Of The Weirdest Parts Of This Interview Is When Eric's Dick Beaks Through The Desk And He Continues To Masterbate, A Man Dressed As A Zombie Busts Through The Floor And Tries To Grab TI's Foot And Too Much Male Nudity Makes TI Leave.

Abby Lee Miller Interview Edit

Eric's Second Interview For The Fourth Season Is With Abby Lee Miller. During The Interview, Eric Falls Into His Desk And Says "I'm On A New Medicine", A Drone Flies Down With Hot Dogs Tied To It For Eric's Lunch Break And Hannibal Exits The Set By Walking Through Eric's Shelf And Then He Dances Back Onto The Set And Enters Through The Curtain. Also, A Zookepper Comes Out With A Sloth In His Hands To Represent One Of The 7 Deadly Sins, Which Is Sloth.

Special Guest Edit

American Authors As A Human Centipede

  • American Authors

Pranks/Skits For Episode Edit

  • Cupcake Challenge
  • Sprite Sponsership
  • Horsin' Around
  • Morale Booster