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Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Crashes Into The Show's Logo
  • Eric Runs To Tackle The Drummer, But Then Decides Not To And Gets High Fived By The Guitarist
  • Next, Eric Crashes Through His Shelf
  • The Scene Where Eric Jumps Through His Shelf Is Then Reversed
  • Tony Hawk Joins In On The Fun And Destroys Stuff With Eric
  • Eric Throws A Guitar At The Wall And Then Falls Over On Some Packing Peanuts
  • Then, Eric Gets Chocked By A Mummy
  • Snakey Tries To Attack Eric
  • Eric Then Crashes Through A Wooden Wall
  • Eric Looks Worried And Then Eats A Sandwich
  • Tony Hawk Hits Eric With His Skateboard And Repeatedly Punches Eric In The Face
  • Finally, Eric Throws A Small Chair And Then Sits Down In His Chair

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